10562476_1045151422164474_9051940319942548588_o2018 ALLY AWARDEES: 

      • Governor John Hickenlooper: Governor Hickenlooper has been a true example of being a pro-equality leader in Colorado. From calling for a special session on civil unions, signing civil unions into law to speaking out for Transgender Day of Remembrance, he has continuously proven to be an ally for LGBTQ Coloradans in the Governor’s Mansion.
      • Denver Health and the LGBT Center of Excellence: With their recently formed LGBT Center of Excellence, Denver Health has been consistently worked to improve the experiences of LGBTQ patients in the health care system. Whether it is offering HIV treatment, mental or behavioral health, or resources for transgender Coloradans, Denver Health has set the bar for providing high-quality services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and gender non-conforming Coloradans.
      • Summit County Government: In late 2015, Summit County became only the second county in Colorado to add ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ to its equal-employment-opportunity and anti-harassment policies. Summit County also updated its health care policies to ensure that any transgender Summit County employee would receive full medical benefits.
      • Senator Lucia Guzman, Lifetime Achievement Award: Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman’s long, storied history of public service makes her someone that young people in both the LGBTQ community and the Latino community look up to. From her work in then-Denver Mayor Hickenlooper’s office on civil rights to becoming the first lesbian Latina to lead a Democratic caucus in the Colorado State Senate, Lucia is a trailblazer in every sense of the word, who truly embodies someone who has accomplished a lifetime of achievement.


2017 Ally Awards honorees:

      • Jean Dubofsky
      • Kaiser Permanente
      • Rathod Mohamedbhai
      • Pat Steadman, Lifetime Achievement

2016 Ally Awards honorees:

      • Matthew Huron
      • Nita & Rudy Gonzales and the Gonzales Family
      • Kristin Strohm
      • Dr. Dan Reirden, People’s Choice Ally Award
      • Ted Trimpa, Lifetime Achievement

2015 Ally Awards honorees:

      • Marty Chernoff
      • Rosemary Harris Lytle
      • Kelly Brough & Diedra Garcia
      • Anton Schulzki, People’s Choice Award

2014 Ally Awards honorees:

      • Former Army Staff Sergeant Izzy Abbass, Former Marine Sergeant Will Glenn, & Former Senior Master Sergeant Dennis Mont’ros
      • Maria Garcia Berry
      • Rabbi Steven Foster & Former State Senator Joyce Foster
      • Reverend Mike Morran
      • Hillary Hall

2013 Ally Awards honorees:

      • University of Denver Men’s Hockey Team
      • Colorado Medical Society
      • Tim Sweeney

2012 Ally Awards honorees:

      • Faye Wilson Tate
      • Dr. Christopher Urbina
      • Girl Scouts of Colorado
      • Compañeros

2011 Ally Awards honorees:

      • Former State Representative Wilma Webb
      • Jean Hodges
      • Veronica Barela / NEWSED
      • Bruce DeBoskey