2016 Ally Awards honorees: (Click on each to watch their story)

 Matthew Huron

 Nita and Rudy Gonzales and the Gonzales Family

 Kristin Strohm

 People’s Choice Award: Dr. Dan Reirden

 Lifetime Achievement: Ted Trimpa

2015 Ally Awards honorees:

  • Marty Chernoff
  • Rosemary Harris Lytle
  • Kelly Brough
  • Diedra Garcia
  • People’s Choice Award Finalists: Don Young and Alise Curry; Anton Schulzski; Dr. David Svaldi

2014 Ally Awards honorees:

  • Veterans Army Staff Sgt. Izzy Abbass & Marine Sgt. Will Glenn
  • Maria Garcia Berry
  • Rabbi Steven Foster & former state Senator Joyce Foster
  • Reverend Mike Morran
  • Hillary Hall

2013 Ally Awards honorees:

  • University of Denver Hockey
  • Colorado Medical Society
  • Tim Sweeney

2012 Ally Awards honorees:

  • Former State Representative Wilma Webb
  • Jean Hodges
  • Veronica Barela / NEWSED
  • Bruce DeBoskey

2011 Ally Awards honorees:

  • Faye Wilson Tate
  • Dr. Christopher Urbina
  • Girl Scouts of Colorado
  • Companeros