2010 Needs Assessment

DSC_0408In early 2010, One Colorado Education Fund launched a survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to learn more about the experiences, needs, and priorities of LGBT Coloradans. We provided the survey both online and in print as well as in both English and Spanish. And we asked questions about how LGBT people live and what issues are most important to them.

More than 4,600 people–adults of all ages, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and from urban, suburban, and rural Colorado–responded. Their answers show their aspirations, hopes and dreams. Like all Coloradans, LGBT individuals seek the opportunity to fully participate in American life.

At the same time we surveyed LGBT Coloradans, we commissioned a statewide poll to ask 1,000 Coloradans about their understanding of the issues affecting LGBT people and their families. And we discovered that Coloradans overwhelming support issues and policy changes important to LGBT people. In fact, the results show that nearly three-quarters of Coloradans now support laws that would recognize and provide legal protections for committed gay and lesbian couples.

See the full results from our 2010 Needs Assessment — download the results PDF.

As part of our ongoing process to address the needs of LGBT Coloradans, we will continue to conduct data and evaluate our programs and policy priorities to expand protections and opportunities for LGBT Coloradans.

As One Colorado approaches out five-year anniversary, we will likely be conducting another needs assessment to evaluate the needs of LGBT Coloradans in a post-marriage-equality Colorado.