LGBT People of Color

DSC_0270Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Coloradans come in all races, and One Colorado is committed to reflecting this diversity as we work to create a fair and just Colorado for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, economic class, or race.

Our 2010 Needs Assessment of LGBT Coloradans and our town hall meetings with the Latino and African American communities in Denver revealed, not unexpectedly, that LGBT people of color have unique concerns, including racism in the LGBT community and homophobia within communities of color. Overwhelmingly, we were told that LGBT people of color feel invisible in the broader LGBT community.

One Colorado is committed to addressing the specific needs of the Latino and African American LGBT communities in the following ways:

  • Organizing quarterly community meetings to continue to discuss and address the needs of LGBT communities of color.
  • Talking continuously about the intersection of race and sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Creating an intentional space to educate LGBT people of color about the work of One Colorado and to solicit input on programs and campaigns.
  • Developing Latino and African American leaders in the LGBT movement.
  • Holding our community and our organization accountable to our commitment to racial diversity and inclusion.

While we work to change the hearts and minds of those outside the LGBT community so that we can secure protections and opportunities for LGBT Coloradans and their families, we will also seek to change hearts and minds in our own community in order to end racism among us.