One Colorado’s Statement on the Colorado Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Protecting LGBTQ Coloradans and People with Disabilities

April 5, 2017

Today, the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee of the Colorado Senate voted 5-0 to pass House Bill 1188 — a bill that adds physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, and transgender status to Colorado’s existing law concerning bias-motivated harassment. One Colorado released the following statement from Executive Director Daniel Ramos on the passage of this bill.

“House Bill 1188 is a common-sense proposal that protects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Coloradans and those living with disabilities. We applaud Senate Republicans for joining the Democrats on the committee to unanimously support the bill.

“In the wake of the current administration, there has been a disturbing rise in hate crimes and violence targeting immigrants, LGBTQ community members, Muslims, and others across the country. In fact, just days after Trump’s election, there was a hate crime committed in Denver against a transgender Coloradan because of who she was. It’s a crucial time to make sure that the most vulnerable are protected in our state.

“This bill is a simple fix that sends a message that harassment and violence against LGBTQ people and people with disabilities is not acceptable. We look forward to seeing it pass the full senate and be signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper. We also want to thank Representative Mike Foote, Senator Dominick Moreno, and Senator Don Coram for sponsoring the bill, as well as State Senators Steve Fenberg, Lois Court, Owen Hill, Jerry Sonnenberg, and Vicki Marble for their votes today in support of LGBTQ Coloradans, our families, and people with disabilities.”

Now, your senator has a chance to vote in favor of HB1188 — tell them to vote for it here.