Broad coalition supports civil unions in Colorado

Voices for Strong Families

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Sixty-six organizations representing more than half a million Coloradans have committed their support to a civil unions bill that will provide thousands of gay and lesbian couples in Colorado with the critical legal protections they need to take care of and be responsible for each other.

“The Voices for Strong Families Coalition represents more than half a million Coloradans who understand that denying committed couples the security we all want and need is wrong,” said Brad Clark, Executive Director of One Colorado. “Especially in these difficult economic times, legislators have a responsibility to ensure that all committed couples have the tools they need to provide for the ones they love.”

The Voices for Strong Families Coalition represents a broad range of Coloradans, including communities and leaders of faith, civil rights groups, labor organizations, women’s rights groups, and health organizations.

This diverse coalition kicked off its efforts on Sunday, January 30, at a launch event attended by civil unions bill sponsor, Senator Pat Steadman. The event featured a number of speakers who articulated their support for civil unions.

“We live in a world that denies committed gay and lesbian couples the critical legal protections they need to take care of one another. Protections that my other children were given automatically when they got married. Protections that my wife and I have had for more than 30 years. Protections that Lorena is denied,” said Richard Garcia, parent of a lesbian daughter. “As a parent, it breaks my heart to know that one of my children is treated differently than the others.”

“As a person of faith and conviction, I believe all human beings are created in love, worthy of dignity and respect to the fullest extent,” said Reverend Mike Morran, Minister, First Unitarian Society of Denver. “I believe people who are gay and lesbian are an integral part of natural and divine creation. And I believe that a family is best defined, not by gender, but by love and commitment.”

“As an attorney, I know that there are steps Leslie and I can take to protect our relationship. Wills, powers of attorney, and other contracts. But these pieces of paper can still be ignored or challenged. And, in some cases, a challenge is all it takes,” said Katina Banks, an attorney who has been in a committed relationship with her partner for seven years.

Thanks to a volunteer and friend, Daniel Gonzales, we have some video from yesterday’s event. Check it out!