Colorado Federation of College Republicans Reaffirms Support for Civil Unions

Today, the State Chairman of the Colorado Federation of College Republicans, Vincent L. Szilagyi, affirmed the group’s continued support for the Colorado Civil Union Act, introduced this year at SB-11.

Szilagyi said: “Supporting civil unions is about limited government, personal choice, and supporting the principles of liberty and justice for all Coloradoans. I am proud to continue the legacy of College Republican support for this legislation. We were the first Republican organization to support this issue. I have always believed we were brave in doing so at a time when there was no visible Republican support for civil unions. Now it is also clear that we were on the right side of the issue politically.”

“Let me be clear,” Szilagyi said, “The Colorado Federation of College Republicans support Civil Unions more strongly than ever. Our goal is not only passage of The Colorado Civil Unions Act but to continue to encourage bipartsian support for this common sense legislation.”

Szilagyi’s State Chairmanship followed that of Troy Ard, the first openly gay person to hold the position. Ard actively advocated for passage of civil unions when the bill was introduced during the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions.