Mario Nicolais and Coloradans for Freedom Testify in Support of Civil Unions

Watch video of Mario Nicolais, spokesman for Coloradans for Freedom, testifying in support of SB-2, the Colorado Civil Union Act. Nicolais is a well-known partisan Republican who served on the Reapportionment Committee alongside Senator Morgan Carroll (Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee).

Nicolais is a part of Coloradans for Freedom, a group of Republicans supporting civil unions and seeking to educate the public about multiple pro-civil union conservative arguments. On the day of the civil unions hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Coloradans for Freedom released the following statement:

Today, Coloradans for Freedom endorsed Senate Bill 12-002, which creates the Colorado Civil Union Act. The spokesman for the conservative, pro-civil union organization, Mario Nicolais, will testify at a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15th.

Coloradans for Freedom chose to endorse the bill because it brings Colorado law into line with many of the conservative principles held by members and supporters of the group. Primarily, the Civil Union Act provides equality in treatment between any two adult individuals committed to each other and their government. Additionally, supporters for Coloradans for Freedom note that the bill promotes the conservative ideals of individual freedom, personal liberty, and sound public policy.

Coloradans for Freedom also praised the bill for recognizing Colorado’s constitutional definition of marriage between one man and one woman and protecting the religious freedoms of groups that choose not to certify civil unions.

Coloradans for Freedom formed late last year to provide a resource for conservatives in favor of civil unions. Specifically, Coloradans for Freedom endeavors to educate the public about multiple pro-civil union conservative arguments. The group’s overarching objective is the adoption of a Colorado law creating equal rights through civil unions, whether by a legislative bill, referendum, or ballot initiative. Coloradans for Freedom has chosen not to participate in any legislative primary elections and actively seeks to add to conservative voices in that state rather than creating division.

Coloradans for Freedom will continue its support for the Civil Union Act throughout this legislative cycle and, as necessary, will continue to advocate the conservative principles favoring civil unions.