One Colorado Statement on Birth Certificate Modernization Act Passing House, Heading to Senate

February 27, 2018

This morning, the Colorado House of Representatives passed the Birth Certificate Modernization Act on third and final reading. With its bipartisan passage on a 37-27 vote, House Bill 18-1046 will move on to the State Senate.

One Colorado released the followed statement from Executive Director Daniel Ramos:

“I applaud the Colorado House for their bipartisan passage of the Birth Certificate Modernization Act. A birth certificate is one of the most important documents a person can have. Yet currently, transgender Coloradans must first undergo surgery, and go before a judge and prove their gender so they can update the gender on their birth certificates. The status quo is putting up costly barriers that stand between transgender Coloradans and them having an accurate birth certificate, and fails to protect their privacy by requiring them to go to court. This bill eliminates those very real barriers that interfere in the lives of transgender Coloradans, and will make it far less burdensome to update the gender on their birth certificate so they can have one that truly reflects who they are.” said Ramos.

“Yesterday, we hosted our 2018 LGBTQ Lobby Day, and it was truly special for the 300-plus LGBTQ Coloradans and allies who traveled to the Capitol to advocate for House Bill 1046 to see it pass on second reading. LGBTQ Coloradans from every corner of our state, who represented over 90% of Colorado Senate districts, showed that this is a commonsense bill that will make a positive difference in the lives of transgender Coloradans, and they want to see it passed. It is now time for the State Senate majority to heed their constituents’ calls, and let the Birth Certificate Modernization Act make it to the Senate floor so every Senator can represent their district and cast a vote,” Ramos continued.

With one representative not present, the House voted to pass the Birth Certificate Modernization Act on a vote of 37-27. Every member of the House Democratic Caucus, and Republican Representative Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction), voted yes on the bill.