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The Journey

The Journey from One Colorado on Vimeo. They said it couldn’t be done. They said we’d never win a Republican vote in the House. They said civil unions was dead on arrival. But we proved them wrong. Our community came together like never before — making calls, sending e-mails, visiting with our legislators. And together,Read more >>

Take Action! U.S. House Bill Excludes LGBT People from Domestic Violence Protections

In recent weeks, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives have been considering legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994. While the Senate version of the legislation protects all of us, the House’s version of the bill fails to include critical provisions that would ensure that all victims ofRead more >>

Focus on the Family Drops Their Attack

A Note from Brad: While we were all busy trying to pass civil unions, we received some very good news. Focus on the Family has pulled their dangerous ballot measure. It will not — I repeat, WILL NOT — appear on our November ballots this year. Over the past many weeks, we’ve told you allRead more >>

VICTORY: Landmark Standards Released Aim to End Prison Rape and Abuse

The U.S. Department of Justice has released landmark National Standards to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Prison Rape. The Standards include vital provisions for the operation of prisons and the treatment of transgender and gender nonconforming inmates, all aimed at ending sexual abuse. These standards represent a comprehensive effort to address rampant sexual abuse inRead more >>

Notes from the Capitol: Fight Back

A Note from Brad: We must fight back. They must be held accountable. Moments ago, House leaders abused their power once again and killed civil unions in the special session of the Colorado legislature. Time after time, they promised us a fair hearing. They didn’t keep their word, and we will not forget. In theRead more >>

House Leadership Plays Politics, Kills Civil Unions Bill Supported by Majority of Coloradans

Today, House Leadership once again killed the Colorado Civil Unions Act by sending the bill to the Speaker’s “kill committee,” just one week after it was initially sent to the Judiciary Committee. If passed, the bill would have provided committed same-sex couples with critical legal protections, such as the ability to inherit property, to takeRead more >>

Notes from the Capitol: The Civil Unions Roller Coaster

By Jace Woodrum Deputy Executive Director, One Colorado On Tuesday, at a rally calling for a full up-or-down vote on civil unions in the House, I said: “No matter what happens today or tomorrow, the unspoken truth in this whole debate is we will win. Whether it is today or tomorrow or next year orRead more >>

Mayor Hancock Encourages Colorado House to Continue Progress, Pass Civil Unions Act

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today applauded members of the House Judiciary Committee for passing the 2012 Colorado Civil Unions Act out of committee. The Mayor encouraged the leadership and members of the House to support the continued progress of the bill. The Mayor issued the following statement: “I am extremely proud of last night’s historicRead more >>

Contact the House Finance Committee

Now that civil unions has passed the House Judiciary Committee, it will be heard in the House Finance Committee. We’re hoping that the bill will be heard this afternoon — so we’re asking that supporters of civil unions take action now. Make a call to the Republican members of the House Finance Committee now! OurRead more >>

Civil Unions Passes House Judiciary Committee

Moments ago – the Colorado Civil Union Act passed a huge hurdle! One courageous Republican, Representative B.J. Nikkel of Loveland, voted with all five Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to move SB-2 forward with bipartisan support. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible to win ONE Republican vote. They saidRead more >>