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Two days, two events to make schools safer for LGBT youth

One Colorado is proud to present at A Community Symposium on Civic Identity & Safe Schools: Civic Identity & Safe Schools: A Community Symposium Friday, February 18, 2011 8:00 AM–4:00 PM Johnson & Wales University, Jared Polis Auditorium, 7150 Montview Boulevard, Denver, CO What is a safe school? How do schools shape civic identity? HowRead more >>

Take Action to stop an immigration bill like Arizona’s

Yesterday, a handful of Colorado Senators introduced SENATE BILL 11-054, a copycat version of the Arizona immigration law. SB-054 would likely have a devastating fiscal impact on the state, result in lost business and tourism revenue, destroy community policing goals of local enforcement, and separate families. The bill has been assigned to the Senate State,Read more >>

Action Alert for Jobs Protection

Currently in Colorado, there are thousands of workers who have virtually no meaningful relief if they experience discrimination or harassment in the workplace.  The “Job Protection and Civil Rights Enforcement Act of 2011” will change that. But we need your help to pass this important law. Today, please contact members of the Senate Judiciary CommitteeRead more >>

Working in faith communities

Our work to advocate for civil unions includes important outreach and relationship building in faith communities. We’ve partnered with Jeremy Shaver of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado to help us execute these key objectives, and together, we’ll be hosting a number of events geared toward faith leaders and faithful Coloradans. Media Training for Faith LeadersRead more >>

You can still be a part of our Family Album

Making civil unions a reality in Colorado won’t be easy. To achieve this victory, we must demonstrate to our legislators that thousands of Coloradans–LGBT or straight, single or in relationships, young or old–support civil unions. That’s why we’re creating a Family Album of Coloradans who support civil unions. Once created, we’ll deliver these albums toRead more >>

Meet Tim & Ken

Tim and Ken live in Fort Collins and have been together for more than four decades. They’ve built a family, a home, and a life together. But Tim and Ken lack the critical legal protections they need to take care of and be responsible for one another. That’s why Colorado needs civil unions–for committed couplesRead more >>

Voices for Strong Families Coalition is nearly 400,000 strong

In recent weeks, One Colorado has worked tirelessly to build a coalition of organizations that support civil unions for committed same-sex couples. We’ve been joined in our efforts by organizations all across the state, from Grand Junction to Pueblo, Fort Collins to Durango, and together, we will show our legislators that thousands of Coloradans supportRead more >>

Meet Featured Leader Jen LaBarbera

Every passionate activist has a compelling story. For Jen LaBarbera, that story began in the third grade with Save the Earth and Air, an environmental organization she founded. Through often challenging work at such a young age – or any age for that matter – Jen promoted and established a momentum of change within herRead more >>

FAQs About Civil Unions in Colorado

Wondering if you should support civil unions in Colorado? Interested to know how civil unions will affect bisexual and transgender Coloradans? Confused about what civil unions will really do? Get the answers to all of your questions and find out how you can get involved to make civil unions a reality in Colorado! What isRead more >>

Say “hello” to our Kitchen Cabinet!

The One Colorado Kitchen Cabinet provides ongoing input and feedback regarding the work of One Colorado. Each member brings special knowledge, skills, perspectives, resources, and dedication to this unique position, and we are fortunate to work with this esteemed group of Coloradans! Crisosto Apache Eric Attard Katina Banks Joe Barrows Mindy Barton Brian Branton MichaelRead more >>