What's Happening

Civil Unions Passes House Judiciary Committee

Moments ago – the Colorado Civil Union Act passed a huge hurdle! One courageous Republican, Representative B.J. Nikkel of Loveland, voted with all five Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to move SB-2 forward with bipartisan support. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible to win ONE Republican vote. They saidRead more >>

We’re Hiring a Safe Schools Coordinator

The Safe Schools Coordinator will implement statewide plans designed to improve the quality of life for LGBT students through policy, youth organizing and empowerment, and community building. This person will work closely with other field staff and partner organizations to work to address issues of bullying, harassment, homophobia, and transphobia for youth throughout the state.Read more >>

Do the Math

In the wake of a new poll showing overwhelming majority support for civil unions, legislation passed the Senate (23-12) this week and will now move on to the Colorado House, where it faces an uphill battle. It’s no secret that civil unions will pass if it makes it to the floor. Issues with such widespreadRead more >>

Senator Nancy Spence Makes the Conservative Case for Civil Unions

We are so thankful for the leadership and courage of Senator Nancy Spence.

Brad & Jess Share Big News

In this week’s video, Brad and Jess offer up some big news of the personal sort. It’s a rare emotional moment from Brad and an announcement you don’t want to miss from Jess — so stop what you’re doing, click “Watch Now,” and take a break four-minute break from work or school.

We’re Hiring a Denver Organizer!

The Denver Organizer will work in collaboration with other team members and partner organizations to develop and implement a comprehensive grassroots plan to educate and organize LGBT people and allies statewide. The ideal candidate will have an interest and experience in grassroots field organizing, including volunteer recruitment, civic engagement, and coalition building. Ideal candidates mustRead more >>

A Note from Brad from the Secretary of State’s Office

I’m sitting in the Secretary of State’s office. Today’s title board hearing just finished up. Despite having some of the best legal minds in Colorado working for us and mounting a strong legal case, we lost our initial challenge to Focus on the Family’s deceptive ballot initiative to write discrimination into our state Constitution. NowRead more >>

Statewide Coalition of 135 Organizations Applauds Senate Appropriations Committee Vote to Advance Civil Unions

Today, the Colorado Senate Appropriations Committee approved SB-2, the Colorado Civil Union Act. The bill now moves to the Senate floor. If passed, SB-2 will provide committed gay and lesbian couples with critical legal protections and responsibilities, such as the ability to take family leave to care for a partner, to make medical and end-of-lifeRead more >>

Brad & Jess in The Hunger Games

In this week’s video, Brad and Jess talk about their participation in The Hunger Games! Facing attacks from all sides — from Focus on the Family’s ballot measure to the Catholic hierarchy defunding our friends — Brad and Jess and the One Colorado team are fighting back! And just last week, you all helped usRead more >>

Cardigans & Civil Unions

In this week’s video, Brad and Jess discuss Brad’s “Mr. Rogers esque” cardigan and invite you to get involved in the final push for civil unions. Join us: http://www.one-colorado.org/whats-happening/events/