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Republican Senators Spence and White stand up for Colorado young people

During Senate floor debate on HB-1254, a bill that explicitly protects LGBT students from bullying and harassment in school, Republican Senators Nancy Spence and Jean White stood up and spoke in support of the bill. While many of their colleagues attempted to derail this critical piece of legislation, Senators Spence and White courageously voiced theirRead more >>

One Colorado Applauds Senate as Bi-Partisan Anti-Bullying Bill Moves Forward

Today, the Senate approved HB-1254, a bill to reduce the frequency of bullying in public schools, with bipartisan support. If signed into law, the bill will clearly define bullying, require each school district to adopt a comprehensive anti-bullying policy, and create a grant program to which schools can apply in order to fund bullying preventionRead more >>

We need to hear about your health experiences

A young gay man comes out to his parents and is taken to a psychologist who recommends ex-gay therapy. A transgender woman is forced to travel out of the state to gain access to the surgery she needs. A lesbian is mistakenly informed by her doctor that she isn’t at risk for STDs because sheRead more >>

Join us for our upcoming health dialogues

It’s a sad truth: LGBT Coloradans face unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges to accessing equal, competent, compassionate health care in the state. And according to your responses to our 2010 needs assessment, making quality health care more accessible is an important priority. But before we can begin to address the difficulties that LGBT Coloradans face,Read more >>

Colorado Peak Politics debates civil unions

Last week, a conservative political blog, Colorado Peak Politics, served as host to a debate focused on civil unions. Acknowledging that civil unions is an issue on which conservative opinions widely differ, especially among younger voters and libertarians, the blog published three perspectives in the spirit of vigorous public debate. The first post came fromRead more >>

Colorado ASSET will be up in the House Education Committee on Monday

Colorado ASSET, a bill that would provide qualified undocumented students with access to in-state tuition at Colorado colleges and universities, has been assigned to the House Education committee.  It will be heard on Monday, April 25 at 1:30 pm. Get involved to ensure that ASSET passes the House: Call each of the members of theRead more >>

An Open Letter to Focus on the Family

A student in Grand Junction is so afraid of being bullied at the bus stop for looking too feminine that he waits until the last minute to go—often missing the bus and class. A girl with two moms sits at a school desk in Cortez and listens to her teacher make an offensive joke aboutRead more >>

Brad & Jess want to hear from you

Does Brad’s goofy smile annoy you? Do you hate it when Jess talks about her new hair cut? Can you not get enough of these weekly videos, or are you ready for this tradition to come to an end? Watch this week’s video and let us know what you think — be sure to mentionRead more >>

Brad & Jess discuss safe schools and reminisce about their prom dates

According to Brad and Jess, the next few weeks are big for our work to create safer schools for LGBT students in Colorado. This Friday, we’ll be participating in the National Day of Silence, a day when people across the country take a vow of silence to call attention to anti-LGBT bullying and name-calling. AndRead more >>

Calling attention to anti-LGBT bullying and harassment through a Day of Silence

The National Day of Silence, sponsored by GLSEN, is a day of action in which students across the country take a vow of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying in schools. One Colorado is proud to support this important event right here in Colorado where, sadly, anti-LGBT harassment is aliveRead more >>