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How did your Senator vote today?

Today, twenty-three Senators voted in support of civil unions, including three Republican Senators. Want to know how your Senator voted? Here’s the list. YES VOTES (in favor of civil unions) Sen. Aguilar Sen. Bacon Sen. Boyd Sen. Carroll Sen. Foster Sen. Giron Sen. Guzman Sen. Heath Sen. Hodge Sen. Hudak Sen. Jahn Sen. Johnston Sen.Read more >>

Anti-Bullying Bill Clears Hurdle, One Colorado Looks Forward to Final Passage

Today, the Colorado House of Representatives approved HB-1254 on its second reading. HB-1254 seeks to reduce the frequency of bullying in public schools. If passed, the bill will clearly define bullying, create a grant program to which schools can apply in order to fund bullying prevention programs, and require each school district to adopt aRead more >>

Op-Ed: A case for civil unions

From the Loveland Reporter-Herald: My husband, John, and I were extremely happy to bring our twin sons home to their one-year-old brother. Both John’s grandparents and parents were blessed with three sons, and we were too. Gabe and Toby were identical, and for many people, it was difficult to tell them apart. It wasn’t untilRead more >>

Brad & Jess chat about civil unions, safe schools, and Brad’s terrible driving

We are in the throes of the legislative session, advocating for bills that provide critical legal protections to same-sex couples and that protect LGBT students from bullying and harassment in school. Get an update from Brad and Jess on what’s been happening, find out what’s coming next, and discover all the ways you can getRead more >>

One Colorado launches health and human services initiative

In its 2010 needs assessment, One Colorado Education Fund discovered that healthcare and health-related issues rank number three in priority of needs within the LGBT community of Colorado, falling only behind relationship recognition and safe schools. The need for friendly and competent care is a critical issue, especially for minority populations within the LGBT communityRead more >>

Colorado Association of School Boards reaffirms their commitment to creating safe schools

In November of 2010, One Colorado, the Colorado Education Association, the Colorado Association of School Executives, the American Federation of Teachers–Colorado, and the Colorado Association of School Boards released a letter calling on Governor-elect Hickenlooper and the 2011–12 General Assembly to take immediate action to stop bullying and harassment in Colorado schools. “In recent months,Read more >>

Remarks by the President and First Lady at the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention

10:25 A.M. EST MRS. OBAMA: Good morning. Thank you. (Applause.) Everyone, please. Good morning, and welcome to the White House. I want to thank all of you for joining us here today to discuss an issue of great concern to me and to Barack, not just as President and as First Lady, but as aRead more >>

Editorial: Baby steps forward for gay rights

From the Boulder Daily Camera: The civil unions bill proposed in the Colorado Senate got its first welcome advance on Monday, after the Senate Judiciary Commit- tee sent it through on a 6-3 vote. We side with those who call it an important advance for civil rights, which are denied to gay and lesbian familiesRead more >>

Brad & Jess reflect on yesterday’s hearing

Yesterday, SB-172, The Colorado Civil Union Act, was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Before a packed room, faith leaders, organizations, couples, and parents voiced their support for the bill. Following two hours of supportive testimony, graphic and sometimes shocking opposition testimony filled the still-packed room. Once both sides were heard, the vote was taken,Read more >>

Anti-bullying bill to be heard in House Education Committee

For months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make Colorado schools safer for all kids. In the wake of devastating teen suicides across the nation, we joined with the Colorado Education Association, the Colorado Association of School Boards, the Colorado Association of School Executives, and the American Federation of Teachers-Colorado, and we called onRead more >>