Your Rights

Knowledge is power. Colorado has five laws that protect and enrich the lives of LGBT people. And the more people are familiar with these laws the more successful the laws will be at engendering fairness and equality. The right to live in a state that is free from discrimination is a core value that all Coloradans share.

Employment & Workplace

In May 2007, Governor Bill Ritter signed the expanded Employment Nondiscrimination Act to add protection for sexual orientation, including transgender status. This expanded law defines sexual orientation as heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgender status. Under this Colorado Law, it is illegal to consider sexual orientation or gender identity when making employment-related decisions, including hiring, firing,Read more >>

Public Accommodations & Housing

In May 2008, Governor Bill Ritter signed the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act to add protections for LGBT people in public accommodations (i.e., restaurants and hotels) and housing. A public accommodation is defined as an entity that offers sales or services of any kind to the public: businesses, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, and health clubs. Under thisRead more >>

Hate Crimes

A hate crime threatens or takes the life of more than just the victim; it creates a ripple effect that threatens the well being of an entire group. The Colorado Hate Crimes Law was recently expanded to include sexual orientation and transgender status. This law covers harassment or intent to intimidate based on a person’sRead more >>

Civil Unions

In March 2013, the Colorado General Assembly passed SB-11 — the Colorado Civil Union Act — which provided thousands of committed couples with critical legal protections and responsibilities. The bill went into effect on May 1, 2013. Rights and protections covered by civil unions include abilities such as taking leave to care for a partner,Read more >>

Marriage Equality

In March 2014, as part of our effort to win the freedom to marry in the Centennial State, One Colorado launched Why Marriage Matters Colorado with coalition partners Freedom to Marry and ACLU of Colorado. Through this statewide public education campaign, we broadened the dialogue with Coloradans about why marriage is important to same-sex couples andRead more >>

Uniones Civiles

En marzo de 2013, la Asamblea General de Colorado aprobó el SB-11, el Acto de Uniones Civiles de Colorado, que ofrece importantes protecciones y responsabilidades legales a miles de parejas comprometidas. El proyecto de ley entrará en vigor el 1 de mayo de 2013. Los derechos y protecciones contemplados en las uniones civiles incluyen habilidadesRead more >>

Second Parent Adoption

In 2007, Governor Ritter signed a bill into law that allows unmarried couples to adopt each other’s children. This law also affords same-sex couples the opportunity to jointly accept the legal rights of being a parent. Under this law, children of LGBT couples will now have two legal parents. This law benefits children and ultimatelyRead more >>

Protect Yourself

The Colorado Civil Rights Division handles complaints for individuals who have experienced discrimination and wish to file a complaint. If you feel you were discriminated against, you may file a complaint if the alleged discrimination occurred during the following time period: Employment: must be filed within 6 months of alleged discrimination Accommodations: must be filedRead more >>